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Royal Affair: Kirsten Dunst and the cast of ‘Marie Antoinette’ (dir. Sofia Coppola) showcase the stunning powdered pastel costumes used in the movie as they lounge in a Parisian hotel for the famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the story was featured in the September issue of Vogue US, 2006 - picture via Vogue

The costumes of ‘Marie Antoinette’ made the movie what it was; miles of tulle, silk and satin were used as well as 18th century lace to create an air of luxury, and the palette was based on a box of Ladurée macarons that Sofia handed to costume designer Milena Canonero which set the colour theme for the movie. Though, the costumes were not merely frivolous as the countless pieces worn were meant to reflect the style revolution as the characters evolved, making them a pivotal element of one of the most visually sweet movies ever produced.

So pretty it makes me want their heads and blood-stained dresses.


A little personal project I’ve been working on for some time.

I decided that there’s not enough Disney-princess-themed art on the net and that the humanity definitely needs my contribution to the heritage *sarcastic cough*. So here is a darker take on Disney gals, with Snow White painted digitally and other two remaining pencil drawings/sketches.

1. Those who read the store might remember that an innocent hare/rabbit was murdered and its heart extracted in order to cover for Snow White while she was hanging out with the dwarfs.

2. Beauty and the Beast - a story about a girl that played her cards well and got a castle together with family jewellery and antique cutlery. Good work there.

3. And little Ariel who came to realization that seafood tastes amazing and she is still half-human.

Thank you for checkin’ it out! 

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